Hand Saw Practice Blade - Learn to Sharpen your Hand Saw

Saw Sharpening Practice Plates

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The full kit will include a 12 inch long by 6 inch wide piece of .032 blued spring steel (similar thickness to a full sized saw) that has teeth 7 PPI teeth on either end. This will allow you the ability to practice filing both a rip cut and a crosscut. The practice saw has the same PPI on both sides so that you only need one file to practice on rather than having to buy two. Sharpening is the same at 7 PPI as it is at 15 PPI. Seeing a larger flat and tooth will make practice that much easier and will build confidence so you can start sharpening your own saws!

Please note - these plates might not be perfectly straight and could have a small curve to them from the toothing process.

The full kit includes the following:

1 - 12 x 6 x .032 spring steel plate
1 - 7 slim Bahco file
1 - 8 inch Bahco mill file
1 - Large #3 file handle


The saw plate only option will be 1 - 12 x 6 x .032 spring steel plate.